Invisible Cities

For the 2019 Teoresi corporate event we were inspired by Italo Calvino’s fabulous book “The invisible cities”.

We have chosen 5 cities that inspired 5 fundamental business concepts: innovation, solidity, trust, courage and sustainability. Speakers of international level intervened on these issues.
My job for this project was to coordinate the creative works of graphics, video, theater direction, dance and texts, on behalf of Teoresi, the company I work for. I was also lucky enough to introduce and close the day as the host of the event.

Other Credits
Production | I Cammelli
Video direction | Alessandro Bernard
Original illustrations | Truly Design
Animation and Compositing | Emanuele Segre – Domenico De Fazio – Matteo Cozzo
Music and Sound Design | Andrea Mariatti
Layouts and graphics | Country Lab

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