Web development and Technical Platform responsibility, project management.

Rediscovery is music as you’ve never heard and seen in your entire life. A dive you into voices, stories, ages.

Rediscovery was born from an idea by Federico Sacchi, musicteller, i.e., someone who “tells music”. As a passionate storyteller with an outstanding knowledge of music, Federico Sacchi is able to revive characters and situations with the only power of words. His extraordinary talent serves today as a the first step of the journey we call Rediscovery.

Rediscovery means immersive cross-media narration, both live and via the web. Rediscovery is an innovative cultural cross-media format where original technologies blend with your listening experience, a live documentary made up of storytelling, music, sound, videos and drama.

  • Client Docabout / Fondazione San Paolo
  • Date 2017